2016 Mazda RX-7 Changes and Review

Another innovation from Mazda is coming to the market soon. 2016 Mazda RX-7 will use the latest powertrain and include some of the best high-tech features.


New generation of RX-7 will use the same platform as Mazda MX-5. This means that these two models will share many exterior features. However, it will still have many unique features that will put this luxurious vehicle in line with its biggest competition. Mazda has not provided many details about the new 2016 Mazda RX-7, considering that this model is still in the production. It will use a company’s KODO design language. This two-seat coupe will feature stylish and modern design that will be combined with some of the latest technological features. In building of this car, Mazda will use lightweight materials such as aluminum. This means that the weight of the new Mazda will be significantly reduced, to around 3000 pounds. Light body will positively influence aerodynamics and contribute to the improved fuel economy. We still do not know a lot of details when it comes to the interior of the new Mazda. What we can say for certain is that the cabin will be spacious and comfortable with a lot of luxurious elements that will make for a very pleasant ride.

2016 Mazda RX-7 front view


The engine of the new 2016 Mazda RX-7 is still under the development. However, under the hood of the new Mazda we will find a rotary engine. This will most likely be a 1.2 liter engine that will be capable of delivering around 250 horsepower. When it comes to the transmission system, Mazda will offer both manual and automatic gearbox. New RX-7 will be built on the SkyActiv platform, which will significantly contribute to the lightweight aspect of this model. It will also come as a rear-wheel drive model.

2016 Mazda RX-7 interior


New 2016 Mazda RX-7 is expected to hit the market at the beginning of the 2016. However, it is still uncertain whether it will come out as 2016 or 2017 model, depending on any delays. When it comes to the price, it will depend on a different design models. We should expect the price to be in the range of $30,000 to $40,000.

2016 Mazda RX-7 back view

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